About Action for Trans Health London

Action for Trans Health London is a grassroots organisation dedicated to improving trans people's access to healthcare, and fighting for the liberation of transgender people. Our organisation is made of trans, nonbinary and/or gender nonconforming people who share similar political aims. We are a left-wing, queer, anti-racist, anti-ableist and anti-patriarchal, non-hierarchical group.

We Believe in and Demand

  • Free and accessible healthcare for transgender people, including access to transition-related treatment.
  • The right to bodily autonomy of trans people.
  • The abolition of prisons and the racist system that enforces them.
  • An end to national borders. No one is illegal.
  • An end to capitalism and the violent, ableist and racist state structures that oppress queer people's lives every day.

We aim to reach our goals through various means including direct action, advocacy, education and mutual (financial) support.

Some of the things we've done include:

  • Fundraising for our solidarity fund
  • Organising and participating in protests and direct action
  • Advocating for trans people in healthcare and other areas
  • Educating GPs, education providers, activists
  • Campaigning for an informed consent model of healthcare
  • Supported trans women facing prison and incarceration in male prisons
  • Made payments to transgender people in need
  • Printed and sold t-shirts for Fundraising
  • Organised against the police presence at London Pride
  • Run a pronoun training workshop for the academic registry staff at the London College of Fashion