Let Sexual Health Clinics Prescribe Hormones

The recent reclassification of Gender Dysphoria as a sexual health condition, as opposed to a mental health condition by the ICD 11, produced by the World Health Organisation calls into question the existing model of transgender healthcare provided by the NHS. Gender Identity Clinics are not able to meet demand, leading to an average wait time for a first appointment of over 2 years. This is a clear violation of the NHS's legal duty to treat patients within 18 weeks of referral.

We believe the most appropriate way to treat transgender people, and meet the NHS's legal duty towards us, is to allow sexual health clinics to prescribe hormones, particularly those specifically conceived to provide services to trans people. Sexual health clinics already have the expertise required to monitor blood test results, and routinely prescribe hormones to cisgender people in the form of contraceptives, and have the required skills to administer hormone injections. Sexual health clinics are widespread and capable, meaning that new services need not be created.